Kahala Azuma Maui
Kahala Azuma Maui campaign leader

Only 2 Weeks Left!! Please Share, for we need more signatures!

With such little time left, and so many signatures still needed, we need you to share this out there! Please share it with all of your friends, before another mountain top gets destroyed.  We already have to battle the 30m telescope, pretty soon, we won't have anything left!  Remember too, that there may be 549 members of this cause, not all 549 of you have signed the petition.  Becoming a member of the cause and signing the petition are two different things, k?  Malama pono, Kanaka.  Listen, we're all we've really got in this world.  Just like brothers and sisters: although we may fight, keep in mind that we are all family.  Let's keep it pono, a-i-ight?  Kekahi e kekahi....kokua.....aloha....stop and go to the beach and hula.  Purify in the water of the ocean.    

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