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بدي إتجوز مدني ببلدي

Via Lara Batlouni (https://www.facebook.com/lara.batlouni)
Beautiful members, 

We will now be taking the campaign to the next level! 

Every day, we will pick a politician and send him (through twitter and facebook) our simple one-phrase message that says: بدي إتجوز مدني ببلدي

We will start today with PRIME MINISTER MIKATI (http://www.facebook.com/NajibMikati):

1- Go to his FB page, choose any of his posts/photos and write the following phrase in the comments section: بدي إتجوز مدني ببلدي

2. Tweet بدي اتجوز مدني ببلدي to @Najib_Mikati #CivilMarriageLeb

Don't forget to copy/paste these instructions into your wall and invite your friends to do the same!

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