Andrea Sreiber
Andrea Sreiber campaign leader

How We Saved Milo

One day, my neighbor asked me to come to them immediately. She and
her mother were standing in front of their building, looking at a
frightened dog that was trying to hide behind a shrub. It was about five
to six months old, and it had some scabs on its head and its eyes were
runny. The previous evening they thought that they had heard a puppy
whining, and that he had been hit by a car, and believed this puppy to
be the one. Neither of them could lift it, as they both suffered from
serious ill health, so they called me. Some of the other neighbors
wanted to attack it and dump it due to an old belief that it had mange
and would infect their children. I carried the dog to their terrace, as
they kept cats in their apartment of which one of them is blind. I
called the vet from the animal protection society, who examined the
puppy and gave it antibiotics and something for the pain, but there were
no signs of his having been injured by a car. He said we would have to
pay for further treatment ourselves. As we had no money for this, I
posted an appeal for funds on Facebook, saying that we need help to pay
the vet and that we have accommodation for him. Maja responded and we
went to the surgery with her. Fortunately, we have a taxi that carries
animals as they are not allowed on the city buses. The vet said that he
had demodex, which is not infectious but takes a long time to cure. Maja
paid for the vet and then introduced us to Saša, who has his own
shelter. He offered to pay for the treatment but said he would take in
the dog only after it had been vaccinated against infectious diseases.
The dog, now named Milo, made a good recovery. Since they are both poor,
I brought over food for him twice daily and also took him for walks.
Soon he recovered so well that the terrace was too small for him and we
had to find other accommodation, which is not easy in Niš. Luckily, a
friend of ours at the other end of town, an hour's travel away, agreed
to have him in his yard. Saša paid the bills, and Milo received an
injection every week, and I went there to walk him twice weekly. When
the treatment was completed, he had to be vaccinated twice, and then
Saša took him into his shelter. If we are fortunate enough to get some
assistance from people who are willing to help us, we will of course
help Saša, who has around 200 dogs in his shelter and does not have a
computer. ( ( (



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