Joyce Lisiewski
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PLEASE 'LIKE' our Facebook page -- it's under Adopt A Platoon!

We are still strong in supporting our deployed Troops -- WE NEED YOU ALL to continue the support!   We have created a NEW Facebook page - but we have to call it ADOPT A PLATOON -- please go to that page and hit 'like' - we  still need you to continue to support our deployed Troops.  We also support our WALKING WOUNDED -- visit our webpage - www.adoptaplatoon - for more info. (http://www.adoptaplatoon - for more info.) If you are a current supporter - please send all your info with the name of your last Soldier to [email protected] to adopt another Troop.  If you never supported through us - please fill out the application page.  OUR TROOPS APPRECIATE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!   Thanks.

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