Angelina Klouthis
Angelina Klouthis campaign leader

Beekeepers Help Haiti and Florida

Florida's honey industry is consistently ranked among the
top five in the nation with an annual worth of more than $13 million. Honey bee
pollination is of even greater value, enabling farmers nationwide to harvest a
bounty of crops from soybeans to avocados. Now that African bees have become
established in Florida, beekeepers' bees may find they have less forage areas.
FAVACA volunteers,  Bo Sterk and Jo
Sinclair traveled to Haiti to share their knowledge in beekeeping which prevented African Bees from arriving in Florida and also providing income generation
activities for rural Haitian farmers. The volunteers provided lectures on hive management.

Through Florida tax dollars FAVACA was able to partner with the
Coalition of Progressive Youth in Mathurin (Regroupements des Jeunes
Progressistes de Mathurin - REJEPMA) a group of fifty young Haitian
professionals trying to improve economic opportunities for the rural community
through new methods of farming and economic literacy.  Haiti
is just 681 miles from Florida and the agriculture industry that fuels our state's economy. Training our neighbors
prevents African bees from destroying Florida crops. Do you want your tax
dollars to help our neighbors and strengthen our economy? Please sign our
petition! (



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