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Email to My State Rep. Andy Holt: Mandate for Public Schools to Allow Homeschoolers to Play Sports

I am the
proud father of an eleven year old homeschooled fifth grade athlete in Weakley
County. I need your help mandating that all Tennessee homeschooled children be
allowed to play public school sports, providing they meet the same educational
and school requirements as the enrolled. T.S.S.A.A. already allows this and
it's time public schools get on board. Currently it is my understanding that
this choice is up to the school board, when in reality it should be in the hands
of the taxpayers. The funding of public schools is provided by the taxpayers
regardless of their child's enrollment. I pay for public school and choose not
to enroll my child, but that should not negate my child's eligibility to play
school sports. 

Once a
homeschooled child ages out of community sports they are left without the
opportunity to play sports. Sports teach the children many things:
cooperation, sportsmanship, persistence, and much more. Sports also gives the
child scholarship opportunities, friendships and keeps them out of trouble. Why
rob them of this? 

subject connected to this is liability insurance on the part of the school. I
believe this should be covered by taxpayers just as it is with enrolled
students. I am willing to concede the insurance matter for a time, if I
should. If I understand correctly schools get their funding based on the number
of enrolled students. This funding is what covers the insurance aspect of the
enrolled. You would know better than I how to approach the insurance issue.
Whether it be a bill passed to allow funding for this or what I do not know. I
am not sure of the legality and legislative issues connected to this. Whatever
the solution I believe homeschooled students should not have to pay for
insurance because the enrolled do not have to. 

I could go
on more with my thoughts and ideas, yet I believe you will get my point. I am
willing to do what it takes to make this happen, even if it means going to the
capital. I need your help supporting this cause and informing me of the steps I
should take. I do not know if I should start at the school, city, county, or
state level with this challenge, but I eventually want it in the whole state and
country. Remember Tim Tebow, he played public high school football while being
homeschooled. Public schools should have no choice but to let homeschooled
children play sports if they meet the same eligibility as the enrolled

May God

Heath Arnold

(I am not sure why the paragraphs are starting as they are.)


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