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URGENT- Have you observed mustangs from herd area Murderer's Creek in Oregon?

URGENT! Please contact The Cloud Foudation or American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign if you have visited the Murderers Creek Herd Management Area or Wild Horse Territory in Oregon. ASAP.
These are quite distinctive mustangs with much history.  Our historic Timber Mustangs, part of our western heritage.

Via OR BLM page- 

INFORMATION/HISTORY: The lineage of the Murderer's Creek horses is diverse and quite debatable. Although it is likely that horses found in the area by early explorers (probably escaped from Indian herds) lef...t their mark in the area, there can be no dispute that many of the Murderer's Creek horses are descendants of animals lost or turned loose by settlers and ranchers. Dr. Gus Cothran performed genetic analysis of this herd in 2000 ‐2001. He found that this herd ‐which is physically isolated from other herd areas ‐is the most unique, bearing the least similarity to the other Oregon herds studied. He found that this herd bears closest genetic resemblance to the American light racing and saddle breeds as well as to the New World Iberian breeds."

Some additional background info: A Federal judge sided with ranchers who claimed the Forest Service let a wild horse herd living in a federal forest get too big, threatening endangered steelhead. The ranchers graze their cattle on the same land. Read more here.. (

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