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Kay Helm
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Update on the Desk Project - Calvary Primary School in Kampala

Merry Christmas! We hope this finds you in good health and good spirits! We're looking forward to 2013, and one reason we're so excited is because you are helping to improve the learning environment for our students.

We received funding for the first phase of our project to replace the old, broken desks at Calvary Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. A local business in our community is building the desks for us.

The $4,500 we've received so far will provide desks for over 180 students, and storage for classroom supplies. These items will be in place before the next term begins, in February.

This first batch of desks will relieve the overcrowding that we had this year. We had enough space in the classrooms, but not enough seats!

It's so good for the children see the school environment improving. It shows that you believe in them - that there is someone cheering them on. Your support helps them to make that extra effort and strive for their best!

Check out all the details on our project page over at GlobalGiving (! You can even make a donation as a gift for someone you love!

As always, we thank you and value your support.

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