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Stand for healthy food for children worldwide

Last week Snoop Dogg, the founder of Mind Gardens, let you know the exciting news ( that the first greenhouses were about to go up in Trenchtown, Jamaica. We are celebrating this as a great achievement, but our work is just beginning. The seed is planted, now we've got to grow! 

Snoop is setting a huge goal of getting 5,000 new Mind Gardens supporters before the new year. Snoop believes in reaching the goal so much that he is giving away prizes to the top three recruiters. The top three supporters who recruit the most people to the Mind Gardens cause before 2013 will get a personal shout out from Snoop on twitter. Additionally, they will receive a personally signed copy of a limited edition Snoop Lion vinyl. 

The goal of getting 5,000 new cause members by the new year is a big one, but so is the vision of getting healthy foods to children worldwide. With your help we'll get there. If everyone of us invites 10 of our friends to join the Mind Gardens Community ( we can reach this goal. 

Mind Gardens Project is going to start 2013 with the momentum needed to tackle food accessibility problems in more neighborhoods, because all kids should have access to healthy foods, show your support by inviting 10 or more friends ( to join the Mind Gardens Project.

Thanks for joining the Mind Gardens Project! We are already building community gardens in Jamaica that will get school-aged children the healthy fruits and vegetables they need. We've got our sights set on building gardens in the US this year, but we'll need your help. 

Have you signed the pledge? (

Please take a second to take the pledge to support for Mind Gardens (, this pledge isn't about money, it's simply about helping to spread the word about these important projects.

You can also read the stunning on the ground accounts from Kingston, Jamaica neighborhoods from our US Coordinator Tarik Ross. Just click here ( and scroll down to update #4, it's a powerful journal entry.


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