Daniel Dropik
Daniel Dropik campaign leader

A biography of Daniel Dropik

Mental Illness was first introduced into my life during my adolescence. I was diagnosed with depression, engaged in self-inflicted violence. I was hospitalized several times as a youth, and was diagnosed with depression with psychotic symptoms. I was medicated with anti-depressants and anti-psychotics over the course of several years.
By the time I was a college student, my mental health problems appeared to have been under better control. My psychiatrist recommended I discontinue the medication. Within a year my condition worsened. I became very depressed, I attempted suicide by overdose. I was released from the hospital.
Within several months, my symptoms had become worse and they were different. I was considering outward violence rather than inward violence. I had chosen to go on an interstate arson spree. I targeted African American churches, because it was controversial and may lead to a "suicide by cop" scenario.
I was indicted and imprisoned for five years in custody of the federal bureau of prisons. The environment was not helpful in managing my mental health. I was continually transferred from prison to prison. I was repeatedly sexually assaulted by prisoners, even after asking for protection. I continued to engage in self-inflicted violence, I was shortly transferred to the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, only to be again exposed to an unsafe environment.
I am now out of prison. I am regretful for the destructive decisions I have made, and I continue to work and go to college. My mental health has been much more stable for years, but sometimes I have difficulties.
Recent tragic events in the US seem to be putting concerns of mental health & violence into the spotlight. There is a lot of talk about what should be done to fix problems that arise from a combination of violence and mental health. I realized that I might be specially qualified to help identify some problems and make helpful suggestions, so I made this cause.

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