Mary Bauer
Mary Bauer campaign leader

Symphathy message reposted for the community of New town Ct.

May we express our love toward all those who have suffered loss be onwords.
The precious life's of Children,and the Adults faithlessly ended,those precious life's that there are no words to express the pain,words can only come out in the form of tears.
I re-posted that cause to sent our thoughts and love to everyone in the community.The heart of God is broken for he created these life's, and the angel's cry because of the sorrow we fill.
Those who are not with us here any more, are now in the hands of God,surrounded by the angels where there is no more pain ,suffering or death or hurt any more .
Their spirits remain alive in those they loved and who love them and in all of us who send our love to the families ,community and to the victims themselves.Prayers are being said,we all share in the pain let us all share together in the comfort of those who are in our hearts and thoughts in New Town Ct.


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