Stoney Lov
Stoney Lov campaign leader

Gun Violence in America is a National Crisis, Which requires Action Now

Today, we are mourning the Shooting and Killing of Twenty Children and Seven adults at a school in New Town, Conn., at the hands of a young m age 20, who used his mothers gun to kill her, children and other adults. And less than a month earlier, a teen was shot and killed for playing his music in his car too loud, a gun man shoots up a theatre and kills and wounds moviegoers, and the case of a boyfriend who shoots and kills a youngwoman and wounds her child on a public bus in Washington DC.
For years we have waited for Congress and Washington DC to address Gun Violence, and establish a National Special Commission on Gun Violence, to hold hearings through the nation on gun violence and to report to the President and Congress a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence in America. This Commission should be bi partisan and include appointees from The President, Congress and The US Attorney General. A timetable should be establish to this Special Commission to Report to The President and Congress.

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