Alison Kostiew
Alison Kostiew campaign leader

I'm Upping The Ante!Over 100 Dolphins Awaiting Their Fate In Hell "THE Cove"!

Yesterday in Taiji over 100 Beautiful bottlenose dolphins were driven into The Cove. The greedy scum made sure not a single dolphin got away from their evil clutches, regrouping their boats to drive some that had managed to evade them. Shortly, their fate will be sealed, death or prison, it doesn't matter, they don't discriminate, babies, nursing mothers. whole families will be slaughtered in the most horrific and painful ways imaginable. Imagine a mother seeing her baby killed in front of her and vice versa. I will have nightmares tonight I am sure of it. I normally ask for our band of boycotters to recruit a 1000 more to the cause, but today. as the the scum killers are greedy, then so am I! I want to double the number we recruit to 2000. One day, hopefully soon we will be a force to be reckoned with, our numbers are many and that means Yen meant for the Japanese is not reaching them but we need to grow so that even less is going to the land of the rising sun and where the seas run red with blood! 2000 to go, I know we will reach that number quickly. GO BOYCOTTERS!
We are nearly there. Please share with like minded friends and let them know the evil that lurks in Taiji. To stop this happening Japan must feel it in their pockets, they laugh at us because we care for dolphins so much, they don't see them as we do but they sure as hell will see them differently when we are spending our money elsewhere!
Nearly halfway there. So many of this pod are now destined to a life of slavery, in a concrete jail, fed dead fish if they "perform". Don't give up on them please. I dread to think what will happen to those not selected. :(



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