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Officially make November, RSD/CRPS Awareness month!

Hello everyone...below is the first ...the beginning of my campaign to get a STATE OF MICHIGAN House Resolution passed, to make NOVEMBER be acknowledged as the legal "AWARENESS MONTH FOR RSD/CRPS"! Just a few weeks ago I received a copy of House RESOLUTION #267!!!!!! It acknowledges RSD/CRPS as the "most painful of all chronic pain diseases"; and it states many more true facts regarding this illness!! It names November as the Legal and binding RSD/CRPS awareness month!! ONE PERSON CAN DO SOMETHING!!!! I did it!! I want to show you a copy of it below! Thanks!
Hello everyone! I was wondering if we could possibly really help our CAUSE here? Ive taken the Liberty to write to my state of MICHIGAN Representive, Dian Slavens. I would like to see if Michigan can team up with Ohio's Bill 40 and raise more awareness for RSD/CRPS? We want to make NOVEMBER "officially" RSD/CRPS awareness month here! please help us by going to "GOOGLE" and put in your state and "House of Representatives" in your own city and find out WHO you must write to for just a short note to YOUR Representative and ask " if theres already a bill being drafted in your state, for RSD/CRPS awareness and if not ask them to team up and draft a bill similar to Ohio's bill 40"!!!
Thank you everyone for your help!!! Please ask me if you have any questions! We need to work together!!!
Yayyyy we've recruited one person already in just a few moments! Lets keep going!,


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