Elaine Page
Elaine Page campaign leader


THE CRUELLEST CUT OF ALL - Our lives of hard work, honesty and thrift used to mean rewards of a comfort zone in our old age, or a windfall to be given to our children/grandchildren to help with university fees, or maybe to assist on renting or buying a home. Basically our efforts aided the economy thru our familys spnding it. Now however the government takes it as CARE HOME FEES and the money is lost in the financial miasma - Whitehall. This cruel act is creating heartache on a massive level. The anxiety it causes my 86 year old mum, knowing that her large and struggling family will not benefit from her and my fathers lifetime of effort and diligence - Any medical person will acknowledge that anxiety exacerbates the symptoms of dementia in the elderly. I know there are thousands of you out there suffering the very same as a result of this governments inaction to right this cruel and unjust treatment of the elderly. This generation that have battled thru the second world war, years of great poverty and deprivation (unknown to more recent generations - because of the efforts of the very same elderly). Cradle to Grave care was the promise made by government when the tax on earnings leapt to cover the National Health and Welfare State enjoyed by so many . Not to be enjoyed it seems by that frail and elderly group who were the first and for many have been lifelong contributors. They are exempt from receiving what they really thought they were paying for. 'Theft by Deception' is really not a strong enough term for government robbing and stressing our elderly when they are too old to fight back. This governments inaction to right this wrong places them alongside third world Juntas on the 'Human Rights' league table. The government leaves my mum £22,250 of her own money in her bank which they will 'so generously' 'not touch' - This is approximately one third of the annual salary the government chooses to pay each MP. No cuts for them then. I'm hoping that all thinking, intelligent and concerned observers will sign this petition. We can by sheer force of numbers and by having right on our side have this wrong corrected. Thank you alll for taking part in what affects us all finally.


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