Roger Debman
Roger Debman campaign leader

yet another attack on a guide dog

Ed Green's companion Bradley was set upon by an out-of-control German Shepherd – but because it was a dog-on-dog attack, police are powerless to take action against the irresponsible owner.

Now Mr Green has added his voice to the growing chorus calling for a change in the law and demanding attacks by dogs on guide dogs see the owners prosecuted.

Mr Green, 27, was walking along Evelyn Street in Warrington after attending an IT class when he heard another dog approaching him and Bradley, a Labrador Retriever.

He said: "I heard a yelp from Bradley and growling.

"I knew he was being attacked, and then I heard a little girl, who I later found out was the daughter of the owner, screaming and calling for her dad.

"I picked up Bradley. The dog didn't go for me but I didn't really think about that, I just didn't want Bradley to get hurt.

"He is a part of me - my quality of life without him would be hugely reduced, I wouldn't even be able to go outside."

When the owner did eventually get his dog, Mr Green said there was not a word of apology or concern.

The dog warden and police were called but because Mr Green wasn't hurt, no action can be taken.

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