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Nyango - How An Orphan Baby Cross River Gorilla Was Rescued From Poachers

"The more I think about it, the more I think that was a baby gorilla."

January 22nd, 1994. Karen had been to a one year "death celebration" in the village of Ossing in Cameroon's South West Province the previous evening. The youth of the village had paraded into the meeting house with what Karen assumed was a chimpanzee tethered at the ankle. Now she was having second thoughts.

After consulting the encyclopedia, I loaded our three young children into the Land Cruiser and rushed back to Ossing. There, tied to a veranda support, was a two and a half year old female gorilla. They called her Rambo. I reached down and she climbed into my arms. I could feel shotgun pellets under the skin of her scalp, a clear clue as to the demise of her mother. The "owner" claimed he was not the hunter, just a local "trader". I knew that if I didn't get her out of there she would soon end up in a cooking pot.

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