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War is not the solution. Learning to share the Land of Canaan is...

Two weeks before the Gaza conflict erupted I had a dream. I dreamt that Netanyahu and I were walking together in a garden. In the dream he was listening attentively to me but I could not hear (while dreaming) what I was saying to him. I have been thinking about the dream the past week as the bombs on Gaza and Israel have been dropping. I was saddened by the killings of innocent people especially children, while macho men on both sides talk furiously about the atrocities the "other" is committing.

And what did another war achieve? More mothers and fathers now lost their children and more families destroyed, more homelessness and destruction, and above all more reasons to hate one another. The ceasefire truce is not a solution and is not a guarantee that the fighting will not start again. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not going to be solved by using bombs, drones, rockets, targeted assassinations, checkpoints, economic blockades or collective punishment. Violence achieves nothing but more violence, doesn't it? How can both sides sustain this level of violence for another year let alone another decade without losing more of their humanity, without taking this violence back to their homes and families?

My dream was very strange as I could not hear what I was saying to Netanyahu. But I could observe him listening to me. I don't know why I noticed his snow white hair. But maybe it represents a coming of age and wisdom? We need to talk less about justifying the tit for tat actions against each other and talk more about the CAUSE of the conflict.

The conflict is complex and controversial for both people. But when each party has his own narrative of the conflict (and refuse to exchange narratives), then how are we going to solve this never ending war? Some might say it all started in 1948 but there are people who say it started since Abraham arrived to the land of Canaan 5000 years back. But Abraham shared the land with the Canaanites and both people behaved well as good neighbours. Why can't we be wise and calm about this and share the land?

Both people - no matter what they try to do to each other – are destined to live together and "gotta learn how to share". Humans have a history of "no sharing" and eliminating each other to get more "land". But our country (the land of Canaan) is a Holy one. This means that it can only be Holy when both people learn that materialism (including land) is not the ultimate prize and "love thy neighbour" is the path to our salvation from this hell.

Hope is here my friends as I am clear about my dream. Netanyahu was listening. This means a lot to me. Like Abraham's dream to go the land of Canaan, my dream can also be a reality: We can walk together and listen. If we listen we can make peace and come up with more amazing and interesting solutions than we could ever dream of. This stuff needs wise men and women to take the time to listen and imagine...what peace can do to all of us and particularly our beloved children


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