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TELL IT AS IT IS contains true stories of some of Sierra Leone's War Wounded Victims during the "Rebel/Blood Diamond War" [the illegally amputated, abducted victims, former sex slaves, raped victims, women who birthed children fathered by rebels, etc.] and how the intervention/ involvement of Women for Women of Sierra Leone ("WWSL") U.S. Volunteers stepped in to provide and continue to provide completely FREE health care including FREE medicine, education, empowerment projects, etc.)—indeed made, and continue to make, remarkable difference in their lives. WWSL U.S. Volunteers "give" hope! WWSL U.S. Volunteers "bring" hope! Hope becomes "reality" in the lives of these war wounded victims through WWSL Donors-Sponsors and Volunteers...
Please feel free to order your copy of TELL IT AS IT IS by sending an email to [email protected] letting us know how many copies you need and your mailing/contact address to send the book(s) to.
--TELL IT AS IT IS is written for all ages: from middle school students--to high school children--to graduate students--MEN and WOMEN. TELL IT AS IT IS--is available only through WWSL. Of prime importance, is that--school children--boys and girls can read and ask themselves "how can I make a difference?" ...ummmmm, may be I need to pursue a career in a field that allows me to make a difference in the lives of the voiceless. ..I need to see that living in the US, I take everything for granted...I am blessed. It allows students to begin to think about what career path they would like to pursue and can volunteer in encouraging others to encourage their parents to get the book....---College students--male and female can definitely "settle" for the college path that they see that they can fit into and be motivated in work to attain their goal...and can also volunteer....--Adults--men and women can think of ways of joining hands with WWSL: bringing awareness...; promoting WWSL Cause..; supporting and encouraging others to support WWSL Cause, etc.*The book is not for sale; however, $30.donation is humbly requested for each book. All proceeds for the book will go directly to WWSL Sierra Leone humanitarian projects.*Check and/or money order should be made payable to Women for Women of Sierra Leone and on the memo or note section of the check and/or money order, please indicate TELL IT AS IT IS, and* mail to: Women for Women of Sierra Leone, P.O. Box 730, New York, New York 10030, Attention: Harry Burney/Theodore Johnson.

TELL IT AS IT IS makes a beautiful gift, for anyone....
Please join hands with us in your own way...order a copy of your book now.
----------WOMEN FOR WOMEN OF SIERRA LEONEP.O. Box 730New York, New York 10030Phone: (646) 456-3436Website: http://wwsl-inc.org

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