Olufemi Balogun
Olufemi Balogun campaign leader


They should take into account the environment in which they operate, the community's views and the common good. All worship centres be it a Mosque or Church should begin to incorporate responsibility to their communities in their mission statement.

They should all begin to give back to the communities in which they operate by making sure they have good roads, pipe born water and assistance to those in need within every community they are located in. Our law makers should incorporate these into our constitution. If their religious leader refuses, then a revolution should first begin in those houses of God, as I am certain God will never give what we are currently getting.

Bishop David Oyedepo Net worth: $150 million

Chris Oyakhilome Net worth: $30 million – $50 million

Temitope Joshua Net worth: $10 million – $15 million

Matthew Ashimolowo Net worth: $6 million – $10 million

Chris Okotie Net worth: $3 million -$10 million

Bishop Adeboye

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN)

Imams – don't know their net worth they also get finance from Abroad.

They can all do better with service to the communities they operate in. When this is done, we will begin to have less hungry people in Nigeria. They can afford to use God's wealth for the benefit of the people within those communities in lots of ways.

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