Francesca De Masi
Francesca De Masi campaign leader

Organization of Afrikan Union


OAU action has been particularly significant in the following fields:

1. Decolonization: In this field, the OAU Co-ordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa, has organized diplomatic support and channelled financial, military and logistical aid to liberation movements. Though much remains to be done before final victory is obtained, the struggle for liberation has gained considerable momentum. It is commanding every day increasing support from world opinion. At the United Nations, the liberation struggle is recognized as legitimate. Liberation movements representatives will soon be seated as observers at UN meetings. Through an OAU fund, international support is being channelled to liberated areas in Guinea Bissau, in Angola and Mozambique. OAU has initiated action with the International Court of Justice which has just declared that South Africa had no right to stay in Namibia. Consequently, UN action is being considered for the International territory of Namibia (former South West Africa) to accede to Independence. Likewise, a UN boycott is enacted against Rhodesia's racist minority regime until majority rule is obtained. Every pressure is brought to bear on Great Britain, which, as a colonial power at the time of Smith's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (1965), has to live by its constitutional and moral responsibility towards African majority in Rhodesia. Thus, Portugal, South Africa, Rhodesia and their NATO allies are periodically harassed and condemned for their colonialist and racist policy in Africa, particularly at the United Nations where' the African group commands a near "blocking third" vote.


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