Keli Pearce
Keli Pearce campaign leader

Life and death

We have the chance to make that difference...the one between life and death. Three years ago on October 22, 2009 my life seemed so normal. Two beautiful daughters who were smart, educated and simply perfect. Then the world as I knew it came to an end.

My precious first born child went into a seizure that progressed into a hypoglycemic coma. I was at the ranch alone with her when this happened and performed cpr for 25 minutes until the paramedics arrived. Can you imagine what it's like to attempt to breathe life into someone that you would gladly give your life for? Begging God to take you, not them? Knowing that there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep them with you, but continuing to try because you can't bear the outcome otherwise? That was my world on October 22nd, 2009. It was the day that my normal life ended, the day that I died, too.

Because of Paige and her choice to be an organ donor, 7 others got to have a 'normal' life. They got to laugh, love and LIVE. The people that loved them were able to continue to hug them, revel in the fact that they were WITH them...that they had more moments to share with those they love.

I am asking that you please consider the ramifications of choosing to offer life to others by registering as an organ donor. I am asking that you share this with those that you love, have the talk that lets others know your wishes, encourage those you love to participate as well. We all have the choice to offer life or death...simply by making the decision to register as a donor.

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