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Man called a "Flamer" and gets higher price at Nissan Dealership for being gay!

It's sad that discrimination like this still exists in America. Please help by posting a comment on the company's pages here:



Here is the note from Cory:

While visiting Reed Nissan in Orlando Florida, I experienced awful Customer service and shortly after walking out of the establishment, I received a pocket dialed voice mail. It contained some very colorful language from management and I was explicitly called a "Flamer"... oh and lets not forget that I was given a price that was 100+ more a month then the back office quoted the sales agent.

!! ** Facebook Community: please help me spread this post so others don't lose their hard earned money and savings by this corrupt dealership. Also, please take the time to watch the two videos listed below (Warning: Strong language used)** !!

Adam Apologizes

Pocket Dialed Voice-mail

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