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Jordana Kirkman campaign leader

Stop Bullying: Greater Vancouver Area

Please join the cause to help provide resources and support for those that are victims of bullying and to demand effective bully interventions be sought and implemented by tackling bullying from the bottom up through parenting and teacher education (whole-school) intervention and top down by consequences to those that choose to bully.

Christy Clark, BC's Premier Just posted on her on facebook:

I'm planning an anti-bullying summit for November 13th in Vancouver for parents, educators & experts to find solutions to bullying. More details to come.

See yourself:

Thanks to all who have supported this cause, and just a friendly reminder that we also have petition to sign as well.
We have met the initial goal of getting 1000 members to support this cause!!! Thank you to all. If you have not already signed the petition please do and pass it on, we have a much bigger goal to meet of 50, 000 people. Although I would like to have 1, 000 000 people sign the petition. We have also started a pledge to make a vow to your children or if you play a significant role in a child's life. We are hoping to actually start a support meet up group for bully intervention. If anyone is interested in volunteering their time run such a group please email [email protected]. Let's be the change!!!

This is a message I received from one of my bullies a couple years ago and I can't not begin to tell you how much it meant to me!! It is never to late to make amends...if you have bullied someone do the right thing and offer an apology it will mean so much the person you hurt...

Just wanted to say a sorry to you for they way i was towards you back in the day, I was a bitch, young and stupid. Just want you to know im sorry for the way i was to you. I didnt think when i was that age.
You look great!!
take care
Woohoo we have 50+ people taking action for the cause to Stop Bullying. We are hoping to reach 1000 members so please keep sharing and then we will petition to the BC Ministry of Justice to implement consequences to those that choose to bully.

I just received my first hate message as a result of posting this cause to R.I.P Amanda Todd's facebook page. Instead of engaging this person I just blocked them. They felt that there are more important things to support a cause for. They do not believe bullying can have devastating effects on someone's mental health and that if bullying led to someone taking their own life then they were just weak and lame. Let's show this person and all those who think like they do that Stopping Bulling is an important cause by reaching for 1ooo members and beyond. Bullying affects us all.

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