Annemarie Rice
Annemarie Rice campaign leader

please keep signing and sharing!!

Thank to everyone who has supported this 'cause' and signed the petition, please don't stop sharing - the more signatures we have the better as these signatures are going to be presented to Joan Burton....she already knows this petition exists and I've been in contact with lots of other TD's, some of which have gotten behind this petition and will stand by us, I have been on radio and mentioned this petition, I'm working closely with other groups including 'parents against child benefit cuts' and pacub and these ladies are busy organising press releases and interviews and marches they aren't giving up either!...there is a march in Dublin on November 3rd so please please don't give up yet, we have to keep fighting, keep trying, we have to be able to tell our children that we kept going, that we never gave up on them, I for one, although feeling down about things am not going to give up until there are no more avenues to explore...thanks again for all your support and please please please keep signing, keep sharing.
Thank you, Annemarie.

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