Debra Banks
Debra Banks campaign leader


It is one thing to sign the petition, however we need you to send 25 invites or more to family and friends on FB, especially reaching out to those in Jamaica.,
Everyday I come across FB mates, sharing much Jamaican Rhythm, Images of Food, cultural articles and also many items of the violence taking place in the Country.
It is urgent and imperative that we all pitch in and help one another especially those still back at home. As they say ;Teach one, Reach One,;
Please assist us in reaching our goal, considering the size of Jamaica it is not a very huge one. We can all do this together and make our Country safe, healthy and crime free for all the innocents,
Tourism will go up, and the domino affect will continue to grow.
Please do not say I will do this tomorrow, do it today for all.
Thank you with Blessings and !<3


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