Annemarie Rice
Annemarie Rice campaign leader

We are doing great!

Thanks everyone for joining this cause to stop to the Government from reducing our child benefit further or worse....almost 10,000 signatures have now being gathered in just 24hours!! I am finding it hard to keep up with all the comments so in case I haven't got back to anyone thanks so much and yes we will hopefully organise a march or a rally or some sort of protest as this seems to be what people want perhaps on the day we present the Ministers with our petition....I'm open to suggestions - I can be contacted personally on [email protected] as I can't always find threads and posts on here...thanks so much, keep sharing and passing on the word! Annemarie.
HI there, I'll be on local radio tomorrow discussing child benefit, lets try and get those few extra signatures to bring the total to 28,000, this petition will be presented to Joan's crew in Social protection if not to Joan herself (hopefully) so please keep sharing and getting people to join in and try and stop the Government from cutting child benefit and tearing families apart. Thank you, Annemarie.

Lads please visit this Facebook event page its one of the marches being organised in the hope of preventing the Government from reducing the child benefit - many have enquired about a march - well here is one such march I hope to go myself on that day with a very large print off of signatures! Thanks, Annemarie.

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