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DonorsChoose.org on the Colbert Report last night!

Hi all,

Some fun news…DonorsChoose.org was featured on Colbert Nation last night!

Thanks to those of you who helped make this happen :). And for those who missed it (make sure to watch the whole thing), check out:


And if you’re interested in supporting Colbert (or any other candidate in our straw poll) and, of course, DonorsChoose.org :), I’d LOVE if you’d be willing to make even just a $10 contribution to one of the candidates’ “challenges” found at www.VotersChoose.org – it can be ANY candidate you see there (so Barack lovers or Colbert fiends, go for it! ) and regardless of who you vote for / whose challenge you support, your donation will go to classroom projects…..

Just go to www.voterschoose.org and pick the candidate of your choice (including Colbert!) and drop a $10 – (or more :) ) - donation to one of the candidates’ projects and the $ will go to whatever project you select!

C’mon…it’s for the kids…

Thanks, all!

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