Alison Kostiew
Alison Kostiew campaign leader

As The Typhoon Hits Taiji You Can See The Fear and Stress Of The Captive Dolphins Being Kept In Holding Pens

A disturbing film taken by SSCS that shows the typhoon hitting Dolphin Base in Taiji. The captured dolphins seem fearful and stressed in their tiny pens as the wind and rain churn up waves and the pens crash from side to side causing danger to the trapped dolphins. Do the scumbags who captured these beautiful animals care? No, they are tucked up at home with their families, safe and warm, looking after each other until it's all over. The poor dolphins have seen many atrocities over the past few days, driven into The Cove, seen friends and family murdered and forced to swim in their blood. The "chosen" ones were then imprisoned in the pens to await their fate and subjected to even more terror from the typhoon. I can only imagine what they were feeling and what I imagine is pretty horrific. The storm will subside and the fisherscum will return to play the game of "Taiji Roulette" , you live-you die. If you're pretty and compliant then we'll let you live in a tiny tank for the rest of your shortened life, if you're going to be stubborn and not conform or have one to many scars, then we'll shove a spike in your spine and let you bleed to death, if you don't die quick enough we'll drag you behind a truck and inflict some more pain on you before delivering you to the butcher. The people of Taiji sicken me that they allow this to happen. We must continue our boycott and grow together. This boycott started with one person who was frustrated with what horrors took place in Taiji and look at it now, I now have over 8000 comrades standing beside me and I now feel strong and believe we can achieve an end to the slaughters in Taiji. Will you bring more people to stand beside us? I believe you will.


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