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Awareness: Illegal logging in ranching in the Amazon

Eu vivo da floresta...

For the anniversary of Ze Claudio and Maria da Silva, the Brazilian Amazon activists and conservationists, murdered by an illegal logging cabal, please watch this excellent documentary made for Al Jazeera.

It makes for sad viewing. But with that sadness comes anger and awareness. Awareness that, for example, next time you eat beef you may very well be complicit with illegal logging and ranching.

Do you really want to put those kind of energies into yourself?

The projections of the beef-eating, oil-guzzling "economy" are clear. It is a hiding to less than nothing, a high road to hell. What can we do?

- Get in touch with the forest. Go there. Breathe it in. Observe. Read about it. Get why a world with no forest would be a hellish world. Understand what a great crime against humanity deforestation is.

- Boycott the burger, and anywhere likely to be unscrupulous about where its meat comes from.

- Make connections between eating meat, oil to transport it, trees cut down for grazing ground etc etc.

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