Robyn Porteous
Robyn Porteous campaign leader

Puppy Mills must be stopped!

Lily, wearing tag #251, crouched, suffering in a small wire cage at the auction. Breeding dogs were being sold to the highest bidder. Lily looked straight into Theresa's eyes that day and asked for help. Theresa purchased Lily and promised to "shower her with love until the day she died". For the next 15 months Lily learned about being a dog. She learned about soft beds, belly rubs and rolling in the grass. But most importantly, Lily learned what love felt like. Despite surgeries and the best care possible, the 7 years of neglect at the puppy mill had taken it's toll on her body. On May 13, 2008 Lily passed away. Theresa vowed, in Lily's name, to take up the cause for the mill dogs and thus, National Mill Dog Rescue was born.

Please join in their efforts and tell everyone you know the story of Lily and the plight of mill dogs everywhere, as she continues to watch over them from the heavens.

The number of dogs that National Mill Dog Rescue can rescue is dependent entirely on funding and Chase Bank has included them on their list of charities they will donate money to this year, but they've made it a contest based on votes. They have the chance to win $250,000 and all it requires is ONE VOTE FROM YOU. No money necessary, just your vote, one time.

I ask that you please follow this link and vote for this organisation:

If you are attempting to vote from a smart phone, please try this link: but realize it may not work, as facebook apps do not easily open from a mobile device.


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