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Indy and Sweetie are looking for homes!

Enjoy and share this photo album of some of our beautiful rescues that are looking for homes.

Indy and Sweetie are two Heart of a Horse thoroughbreds who are ready for adoption. Both of them were severely neglected and came in underweight with significant muscle loss. Both of them have been rehabilitated, gained back their weight and had their muscle mass restored. Dr. Kevin Smith and the Heart of a Horse volunteers have exercised and pampered them and got them ready to find a loving home. They're both beautiful creatures as you can see. They did not deserve the abuse and neglect they experienced. They're both wonderful creatures. If you have a home for them please contact us at 805-377-3302 or in the comment column. We only want adopters who will provide them with forever homes. Indy and Sweetie need experienced horse people.



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