Antonio Rocha
Antonio Rocha campaign leader

Worldwide: On-line Marketing Strategist

Your main job is to set up Market Strategies and apply them so we can have obtain the highest numbers of members and petitions signed.

Position: Market Strategist
Salary: Voluntary
Requirement: Marketing Uni or College Student or Professional
Hour per week: 3 Hours
Language: any of English; Chinese; Spanish; Portuguese or French

Thank you for applying

Thank you for your interest in taking part of this new worldwide campaign.

This is a newly cause turned to work condition and a living wages for all worker wherever they may be on this planet.

You have recently requested a position as a Marketing Strategist. I cannot thank you any harder for your willingness in this journey.

For this position you will be required to work at least 3 hours a week on a voluntary bases planning and applying marketing strategies that will involve more people in this cause.

We are taking 2 tasks at this moment:

1. Brazilian workers are required to work 44 hours a week - we are requesting that this number of hours for the richest nation on the planet to reduce this weekly hours to 40 hours.

2. We are having a campaign to increase the minimum wage to US$5.00 ( five United States Dolars) per day, at this moment the minimum wages suggested by UN (United Nation) is set to US$ 1 (One Dolar) per day. We believe this is not good enough and this rate should be increased to a higher level.

But, before, we would like to hear from you why you believe you are suitable for the voluntary position and how you would be able to help us in this great and ambitious cause, please also confirm what languages you would like to work with and your mother language.

Please reply to the email [email protected]

I am looking forward to receiving an email from you

Toni Rocha

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