Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee campaign leader

What will FORTESS FOR FELINES consist of...............

FORTRESS For FELINES will be a 2 story shelter. It will have an adoption section and an intake/private section.

The adoption section will consist of an office and a playroom.
The office of course will be for signing adoption papers and all that legal stuff. The adoption playroom will be a place for meet and greet of all our cats available for adoption. There will be a chair for humans to sit to see which cats greet you and you can visit with the cats in a comfortable manner.

The intake area is for any cat coming in to the shelter. There will be a grooming room behind the intake room. There will be a quarantine area for any cat entered without vetting paperwork. Here they will get a bath and lab work done and then will be put with the other cats.

The upstairs will consist of a feed room, special feeds room, a nursery and a recovery room.

In the very back of the shelter will be a full sun room that will be open to airflow when weather permits.

We will be able to have more availability for adoptions, we will have more room to be able to help more cats or families.

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