Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee campaign leader

This is where our caged area is in our house.

Though Frisky Felines Foundation is a cage free rescue we have cages for nursing mothers, cats that have been spayed, sick cats and baby kittens that are too small to be in with the other cats.

Once the shelter is built we will have a sick room, a nursery and a recuperation room. Because unfortunately there are just sometimes in a cage free environment that being caged is for safety reasons.

The great big cage in the middle is what we normally use as our nursery or for baby kittens as there is plenty of room for play, litter box and food/water bowls.

My daughter recently saw this and told me I need to make sure to write this statement................The carriers on top of the cages ARE NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN used for housing any cat. They are for transportation only. I put them there since they were in use frequently transporting cats to the vet.

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