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*Our Legacy: Jawole Zollar* I am. You are. WE ARE. Urban Bush Women's 30th Anniversary

WATCH AN EXCERPT OF JAWOLE DANCING HER "Working for Free" IN TALLAHASSEE, FL IN 1990. SHE CREATED THE PIECE IN 1985! http://vimeo.com/45713589

"Almost always, we have needed something we didn't have, and our supporters have stepped forward to provide it. We are tremendously grateful for your support. The company I envisioned in the '80s can only exist as a community of engaged people committed to the connections we can forge through creating dance and creating community."

Urban Bush Women just turned 28, and we are gearing up for our 30th anniversary in June 2014! We need your support! Please go to http://bit.ly/LlDfBi to offer $30 or more to get our divas on the road for the 30th Anniversary Tour.

In 1984, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar founded Urban Bush Women to express in dance, movement and words women's experiences, African American history, and cultural influences of the African Diaspora. Urban Bush Women draws a diverse and committed audience by producing bold and life-affirming work.

Touring, facilitating workshops that lift up the repertory and our social justicecommitment, and nurturing young leaders--particularly women of African descent--are not always highly compensated with money. But we keep doing the work--you, Urban Bush Women, all of us. We recognize the power of collective work and responsibility as well as the transformative power of art that emphasizes undertold stories.

Please go to http://bit.ly/LlDfBi to join us as we lift up various moments in our 30-year UBW history and to ensure that we have a long legacy to come. WE STAND ON THE SHOULDERS OF THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US, AND READY OUR OWN SHOULDERS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. THANK YOU FOR DONATING $30 OR MORE--MONTHLY OR ONE TIME--IN HONOR OF OUR UPCOMING 30th ANNIVERSARY. I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE: MOVING FORWARD WITH PURPOSE.

Did you click on the video of Jawole dancing 22 years ago? http://vimeo.com/45713589 Our founder is still kickin'! She dances in honor of Dianne McIntyre on September 6 & 8, 2012: http://bit.ly/Qq69Nw


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