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As you may have heard, we are soon to lose our beloved boathouse (warehouse). As we all feared during our years on the team, the property has been sold. Earlier in August/end of July, Hixon sold the property to a new property management, who plans on demolishing the now standing warehouse and build something in its place (most likely a high rise condo/apartment or hotel). We have been very lucky to have use of this space for the past few decades and really know it as our home for Texas Crew. However, now that the area is being built up, someone else finally recognized the value in this property.

The new property management plans to act soon and has given Texas Crew 21 days from August 22nd to move out. Unfortunately, this comes at a bad time with recruiting (an Olympic year always draws a larger novice class) and the fact that all other boathouses on the river are maxed out on space. The rowing community of Row Dock, UT Rowing, TRC and ARC have been extremely supportive during this time and have been quick to offer up what help they can. The TX Crew Executive Board has also been meeting with UT Rec Sports to work out some sort of temporary solution. After speaking with Nate Fox, current Head Coach of TX Crew, it sounds like they have a great temporary plan of action and will begin moving out some of the smaller items this weekend that can be stored for the time being (photos, trophies, erg slides, etc.).

Following this weekend, the team will need some helping hands to load up the boats and other equipment to be moved to the temporary location. We will keep the alumni group posted with the time and date of the big move and hope that as many of you who are in Austin can come help us out during that time. Please look for this information on our facebook page, as well as via e-mail.

With this big move, the team may also run into some misc. costs. Now is an important time for us to raise some funds for the rowers in hopes to make their temporary home as suitable as possible, and hopefully to begin setting up a more permanent solution in the future.

If you would like to donate at this time, please do so here on the causes page. https://www.causes.com/causes/283219-texas-crew-foundation/actions/1613909

Reflecting on my time at the warehouse, I spent 5 years there associated with Texas Crew and I continue to have my junior rowers train there or go there myself to erg or lift weights, even to this day. As all of you are aware, rowing takes a hold of you and will always be a part of your life in one way or another. And with a team, the boathouse is an important part of your time on the team and you look forward to seeing it when you go back to visit as an alum. Our boathouse in particular has so much character and life to it; from the trophy case that Nate Fox and Jimmy Clark built more recently, to the multi-ton workbench that Jeff Mork and Victor Austin created from a simple table more than ten years ago. An unimaginable amount of sweat, tears and most likely vomit have been poured on the concrete floor as a result of endless hours of effort given by the hundreds of rowers who have passed through the large industrial doors. For me, the warehouse was my home for rowing for so long and the place that I went to and left everything else behind; family struggles, studying, bills, etc. This was my haven as I know it was for so many others and although it wasn't fancy with central air or heating, lacked a true locker room and restroom and was known to house many alley cats and a few homeless, I will greatly miss it.

This truly makes a huge mark in Texas Crew history as the team will build a temporary home somewhere else on the river with new memories, struggles and successes. I hope that you all can be there with us in one way or another as the team takes on this challenge and look forward to building this together.
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