Patricia Verdugo
Patricia Verdugo campaign leader

Our old cause is open again. We would like members to join on that cause so we can close this one.

I wanted to thank you so much for joining our cause. We have worked hard with the cause people and was able to reopen our first cause of the similar name. Please click this link to join the older cause If you have not signed our petition, please do so on the older cause. We are looking to shut down the new cause and have the members transfer to the link above. It is so important to chronic and intractable pain sufferers as I am sure you know. Please continue to support us by joining us on our FB Group. [email protected] and our website These sites are private and NO DRAMA IS TOLERATED! We have become an extended family for many of us to share experiences, and begin your healing process of living with Chronic-Intractable pain with the help of others who truly understand. This is where we share our happiness, sadness, and pain. We are also here to help anyone who needs to find a doctor who will treat their pain properly. We have many links to help you to find anything that you may be looking for while dealing with pain. For example: Questions to ask your doctor, etc.
All types of Chronic-Intractable pain syndromes are welcome. We are hoping that these sites will give you as much support and information that you are looking for. Many of our members are trying to cope with the everyday stresses of being in pain. Please feel free to correspond with the other members. Please share medical information, pain stories, or types of therapies/medication that have been helpful in the recovery process. We encourage SHARING. We are a loving and friendly group! Please remember that we are all in pain of some kind or another and treat others as you would want to be treated. Pain is a sensitive subject for many and we ask that you respect their feelings at all times.

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