Kommy Yazdian
Kommy Yazdian campaign leader

Radiation Kills!

For decades Targeted Individuals have been covertly & overtly killed, disabled, injured, tortured, stalked, harassed & experimented on under the watchful eyes of their governments. Tragically all this is still being actively denied by the power that be!

We are simply asking the Obama Administration to intervene with an immediate Executive Order to stop the deployment of these Cruel & Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction on Civilians and our environment at http://wh.gov/1osc as part of Your Voice in Our Government. It is open to everyone to speak up about this atrocity.

Our survival depends on, please take action and support this effort - it will save lives - take charge by spreading the word about the risks & dangers of this warfare. We can't afford to play politics with this crisis. We can not run nor hide from these weapons.

These unconscionable travesties are the ultimate crimes against humanity and we are all at risk! Please join us to end all forms of electronic genocide and menticide.

For more information please see the Links to our petition at : http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/synergy/ This petition is also available on www.change.org

Get involved, there are many online Groups & Organizations that can be found at the link above. Please do not allow secrecy to enslave civility.

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