Sarah Maguire
Sarah Maguire campaign leader

Help us reach 5000 members!!!! Help say no to Shark fin trade, possession and sales in New Zealand

Please join this cause and sign the petetion. Internationally, 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins. In many cases, these sharks are still alive while being finned. Unfortunatly there are still stores and restaurants in New Zealand selling Shark fin soup, and we need to help stop this. By raising awareness we hope to send a message that New Zealand does not condone Shark fin sales, trade, possession, and distribtion and the NZ government should take action and stop the Shark finning practice as well as taking all steps to stop the importation and export of Shark Fins and Shark Fin Products into and out of New Zealand. It is nor the European or Maori culture to eat shark fin, this is an Asian culture that sadly New Zealand is capitalising on. The Shark industry in regards to Shark Fin trade has to stop. The ministry really needs to get a grip on reality as to the effect we are having supporting this trade globally.

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