Five years old, and victim of serial rapes. Communities must stand together to stop this NOW.

Mon 16th June 2012 .....The third time?
A little girl of 5years old should be playing, not recovering from being raped for the third time......

The Infant Trust is a UK based charity that exists to break the cycle of violence and abuse against small children in South Africa.

The best way we can help, is by donating to an independant UK BASED CHARITY, in order to make it possible for the people who work within those communities to continue the good work they are doing: educating the local people to be aware of and to report concerns of sexual abuse, to take action, and to support young victims and their families.

We need to act, and unite, in order to stop these horrific crimes from taking place. Together we CAN make a difference: let's do it!

Donate to

Thank you for your support: it's crucial and it WILL make a difference to the lives of infants and children.

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