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World-wide email list of parent organisations

I am putting together an email list of world-wide parent and family organisations that have a direct interest in drug matters, such as support and/or activism for:

parents or family members using drugs,

parents or family members who have lost someone to drugs, or

parent organisations that seek better drug policy practices or solutions.

The problems and issues for parents seem to me to be somewhat universal and such an email list, I believe would be helpful in sharing experiences and ideas.

If your organisation is such an organisation can you please confirm by return email.

If you are aware of other organisations I would appreciate an email contact so that I might write to them. I do not yet have many contacts in the non-English speaking world, eg Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, to name a few.

My email is [email protected].

With best wishes

Brian McConnell
Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform

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