Ioannis Christidis
Ioannis Christidis campaign leader

AND yet again – A terrible animal abuse report from Chania CRETE.

This is a report from the Animal Friendly Association of Chania.

A day does not pass when we are not faced with a particularly heinous abuses. Yesterday we were informed by citizens for a severe case of animal abuse . The complaint described that in rubble behind the apartment building full of rubbish, rats several other dirty objects and rubble, there are chained on a vertical chain to a high point so that the dog cannot move a severely injured pit bull in the head. Reported to be beaten daily by his owner. As a result the heartbreaking cries of that animal and a Labrador alongside which was also injured.

We went to where the two animals stood and saw the horrible condition. The pit bull bore multiple wounds and open a huge hole in the blood to the head that dripped blood, which was on the ground everywhere. Te neighbors heard the cries every day from the two animals which were being violently beaten by their owner.
We called the Fire Department to extricate the animal as it was dangerous to go down deep in rubble, and the police.

The pit bull was transferred immediately to the vet Mr. Stavros Xirouchakis to treat directly, and removed also the Labrador which was in shock. It also had wounds on his body, which had closed, it has been hosted in a nearby house.

The Animal Friendly Association of Chania has directed a letter to the prosecutor asking a final order of removal of these two animals from their "owner" under Law 4039/2012 and require an order to refuse this person to hold any other animal in the future.


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