Victoria Dickerson Morgan
Victoria Dickerson Morgan campaign leader

Our Children Need Our Help! Will You Help Us Help Them?

OK, all you great minds out there...I need some help to brainstorm ways to increase the "Jenny Morgan Memorial Fund"! Our family set this fund up after Jenny's death on 12/27/08, due to the "Choking Game". We asked that people contribute to the fund, in lieu of flowers, so that a scholarship fund could be set up in Jenny's honor, which could provide deserving seniors, entering a child-related field of study, to receive a $500.00 scholarship, to a college of their choice! Our original intent was to provide two scholarships per year, however, we found that due to financial situations and the rising costs of college, there was a greater need for more scholarships to be given! To date, we have provided scholarships to 15 wonderful recipients! So, my problem is this: it is my desire to continue providing scholarships to those who would benefit from them, but our fund is dwindling! The elementary school that Jenny attended, has done an annual fundraising event, called "Jeans for Jenny"! The last couple of weeks of school, teachers pay a given amount, and are allowed to wear jeans, on those days. This is a very successful campaign! It continues to touch my heart, how much people really care! It is my desire to do much more than providing scolarships! I recently applied for a grant, to fund a community-wide conference, to provide parents, grandparents, school personnel and community members the opportunity to learn about many of the "risk behaviors" that our children are involved in! Unfortunately, the grant reached its limit of applications submitted, prior to the date specified as the "deadline". I am looking for a source of funding, which would not only allow me to put together a conference, but to also continue to have enough money left to continue providing scholarships for students! Our family is committed to educating all who will listen, about the "Choking Game". Over the past three years, we have shared our message with thousands, on radio and television, through newspaper articles, talking to students, parents, teachers, the retired teacher organization, administrators and non- certified personnel, as well as in other school districts and to members of area churches! We have spoken at School Board and School Administrator Institutes and this year will be the second year we have presented at our State of Texas State Convention for School Board Members and Administrators! This year, we will be expanding our presentation, to include other risk behaviors and reasons why children get involved in these activities! We intend to continue with our pledge to save as many lives as we can, through education. We set up a website and began a cause, on Facebook, which now has over 16,500 members (Help stop the "Choking Game")! Now, here is where I need your help...can anyone think of something that we could do to accomplish our goals of providing education at a community or multi-community wide event, while still having enough money to continue providing these college seniors with scholarships, for some time to come? Does anyone know of any possible grants or other funding sources? At this point, I am not at all interested in hiring someone to raise this money! We have NO overhead - it is our family trying to get the word out to those who want to help put an end to these types of tragedies! Will you please let me know if you have any suggestions on how we might be able to accomplish this?! Thank you for taking the time to read this! Now, please get your creative juices flowing! Our children need our help!

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