Sammy Singh
Sammy Singh campaign leader

A Daughter Like You

You're my daughter,
and I'd just like to say,
You bring me joy,
each and every day.

Whenever I think,
or look at you,
I know I'm blessed,
that's wonderfully true.

You're very special,
thoughtfully care,
A helping hand,
always willing to share.

You're always determined,
to achieve what's in your mind,
Thinking of others,
you're actions are kind.

I shall admit,
we're a wonderful team,
To have a daughter like you,
was my ultimate dream.

Love your daughters , pamper them , keep them happy . They are a real boon in your life, realize it!
Only the blessed ones on this earth are blessed with daughter,
Lucky you are.
Nobody in this entire world will love you more than your daughters, try feeling it.
Don't search for angels they are in your homes, Just change your perspective.

May god bless you with immense happiness and love so that there is no shortage of it to shower on the GIRL CHILD.
{The real angels on earth}

We are protecting female foetus from abortion but deep within mother's heart she say "for what I am fighting to save my girl?, later in her childhood to be raped by her teacher, her neighbour or later in her life to be eaten up by butchers in buses, cars , groped on roads, to be burnt by ill sights of passerby, for the scanning of ill eyes of people or even if she is saved from this then to be subject to domestic violence in her in-laws house by her husband and family". The moment a baby girl open her eyes she has million of eyes trying to take advantage of her. So where has the security of women Gone ? Who is responsible for such ill treatment? How we can ensure their safety ?
Isn't it time to take a strong step to ensure the safety of Women?
These are the questions government need to answer.
Every person in this country know whats need to be done to the 6 devilious souls except the Govt. So that millions other devils get a lesson that what will be done if they even think of such ill act. Its an emergency situation in this Country and govt rather that enjoying christmas holiday need to take immediate action. This not the question of one Girl, its the question of every Girl, sisters, mothers of everyone.
Wake up govt. India is watching.Like ·  · Share
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