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Why others are watching Heart Stopping Moments in Video!

This quickly growing collection of Heart Stopping Moments on Video is compulsive and addictive.

The videos are also trending as they are being shared around the world. Some are stunning, daring, scary, amazing, talented, unbelievable, tear-jerking and every other imaginable emotional response.

http://HeartStopping.org supports the Global Heart Community by posting collections of videos that make your heart stop and helping raise Heart Awareness. Enjoy the compulsive viewing videos and share them with your friends to help grow Heart Awareness.


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About 1.4 million people die each month from Cardiovascular disease. Through social networking, we can reduce this tragedy. (See the 2011 World Health Organization Report on Global Deaths http://www.heartnewslinks.com/world-heart-condition-statistics-country ) When you take this pledge .... PLEASE go one step further - invite your Facebook friends to join this Heart Awareness Cause by clicking…

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5 things you must do for a healthy heart - the HEART Pledge. Use this image as a reminder on your door, pinboard, fridge, folder, desktop, screensaver, Tshirt or wherever. For the full article and a more illustrative Infographic, visit http://www.heartnewslinks.com/blog/take-heart-pledge-5-things  After reading the article, see how easy it is to remember the 5 things in the pledge for a…

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HeartNewsLinks.com is reaching out to those who have lost a child, or loved one, to any heart condition. Whilst your anguish for the lost opportunities with those you love will never disappear, you can assist others in coping. You can help lessen the impact on others, simply by saying what would have been helpful for you - helping where you would have wanted help yourself. HeartNewsLinks…

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