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Because the Portland City Council has not spoken to Cameron or Jason, with one exception, Amanda Fritz did stop to talk and see how they were doing, Individuals For Justice will now hold a vote. We will ask our friends, collegues and the people of Portland to vote on a simple statement. Votes can be cast in person at City Hall, on Facebook and by sending me an e-mail. The votes will be counted on July 4th Independence Day. I would ask that you put the event on your facebook or just mail it out to your friends. The City Council should know they work for us as our representatives and will do as we demand or be fired the next time they are up for election.

"Should the City Council of Portland invite Cameron Whitten and Jason Scheer Jene into one of their meetings on Wednesday to talk about their demands?"



For their demands go to:

This is part of my last appeal to members of the City Council of Portland.

Fifth Request: June 15, 2012

(sent to the remaining 4 who are struggling to become human.)

Mayor *adams
Comm. leonard, saltzman and the fish

You know I've been around the block a few times, do not think that I am naive but the majority of our City Council not stopping to just say hello to Cameron Whitten has me at a loss. With the exception of Amanda Fritz not one of the five members has even tried to speak to a person who is on a hunger strike outside their damn place of work. What the hell is the matter with these guys who will tell you how hard they work for you. Jesus H. Christ would you please go outside of your den of bullshit and talk to Cameron, not because I request it, because it is a very human thing to do. If the majority of you have not stepped outside by next Wednesday, we will start a petition to ask the citizens of Portland if you should. By asking the question your reputation will be damaged and people will begin to understand what kind of "Putz's" we have in City Hall.

Cameron is on his 14th day, if I am counting correctly. He now is joined by another noble soul, Jason Scheer Jene, who is on his 6th or 7th day. Fasting is not easy to do, we should all worry about their health.

This action shows no signs of going away, and will only increase as often happens when politicians ignore their constituents. So get off your male asses and go see Cameron. Talk to him about his 3 demands, maybe you can end this action in the coming days, that would be good for all of us.

Stay safe Cameron and Jason. Know that we are aware of your struggle and will support it the best way we can.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

*Refuse to cap due to disrepect and/or disgust!


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