Rita Ydennek
Rita Ydennek campaign leader

Still need more support for our Dream and ... countdown to World MSA Day actions....

Worldwide action to be held on the 3rd of October (World MSA Day).

Miles, all day long
Light a candle at 20:00 hrs / 8:00 p.m. for one hour local time

The population of the Earth is estimated to be 6.952.785.870 (as of August 1, 2011). This means that statistically we can estimate that worldwide 347.635* people may be affected with MSA at this time. (*5 cases per 100.000)

We want to have a candle lit for everyone that may be affected with MSA and for all those loved ones who have lost their battle in the past.

A Candle:
You can light your candle at home alone, or with friends and family, or during your local activity that is planned for World MSA Day.

As candles are lit around the globe, a virtual 24-hour wave of light will be created as it moves from time zone to time zone. Please light your candles at 20:00 hrs / 8 p.m. in your local time zone for one hour.

The flame of the candles will unite family and friends all over the world and bring awareness to MSA. If you organize an event, you can sell candles to all participants and send the proceeds to benefit and support local MSA groups. Each single $, €, £ , ¥ counts. (MSA Support Groups who are interested please forward your full information, so we can add your info on the list).

A Mile:
You can walk alone, or with family, friends and neighbors. Every step, every kilometer or mile we will count together. The goal is to attempt to walk around the earth (40,075 kilometers or 24,901 miles around the Earth at the equator).

Let’s see how far we come this year.
Send in your mileage to be tallied. If you are able to get sponsors for your steps, your wheelchair distance, your miles or kilometer, please forward the proceeds to support local MSA groups.

A Mile and A Candle… please do as much as you are able to do, each step, each inch or centimeter is a start for the 40.075 kilometers or 24,901 miles needed. Each single candle counts toward the 347.635* needed.

Thanks to all who are willing to create awareness for MSA.


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