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Update on Topper! 'Toppers' New Life and his Contributions!

Toppers NEW pay it forward project! Toppers navicular bone is healing slowly, his farrier Kim Guglielmi is taking very good care of his feet.

Dr Sidney is Toppers Chiropractor and came out Wednesday Aug 8th and adjusted his back, I noticed a bump on his spine and he couldn't adjust himself (yes they really can with a humans help!)

Now Topper my horse, Noah (a snake) our latest adopted baby & Shilo my Mastiff mix are gearing up for another adventure! I am now a Certified Life Coach, Certified Tibetan Reki Royho, so me and all my children are setting out to help kids at the Juvenal Hall Detention Center in Las Vegas, the VA Readjustment Center, Parolee's & Ex Con's as well as drug and alcohol abuses victims.

So YES! We will be busy with all that as well as my Webinar and newsletters!

Topper has adjusted wonderfully at C K Ranch in Las Vegas! The donations from the Pay it Forward Project has covered his Farrier bill of $45.00, his vet bill of $135.00, his 'condo' fee $300 a month!

He is now 'Paying it Forward' to the community by participating in the after school program located a block away from the ranch.

Topper and me are also involved in 'Horses4Heroes' One event is called: Free Ride:

OPERATION FREE RIDE is a program that we created to give active duty military personnel, returning combat veterans, wounded warriors and their families the opportunity to ride a horse for free! We want them to ride a horse or experience the special bond and friendship of horses!

Participating facilities from coast to coast in US and Canada... and we are growing everyday.

"There's nothing ... no bad day, no hurt feelings, no broken heart, that a ride on your horse can't cure. When riding, there's no one in the world except you and your horse. Treasure the time spent in the saddle; it is the one precious place where all the world is right. There is no hate, no crime, no pain, no war, no death. It is the one time when you are completely free. Cherish that time and hope that feeling last forever." ~ Unknown

As well as their second event:
Annual Helldorado Days / Las Vegas
May 18, 2012 – May 21, 2012 (all-day)
Repeats: Daily until May 21, 2012
Contact: 702-870-1221

Helldorado Days is an outdoor community event celebrating Las Vegas's tribute to the wild west and produced by the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge No.1468. Helldorado Days which began in 1935, is the longest running civic event in the history of Las Vegas, originally created as a means to encourage tourism to the city upon completion of the Boulder Dam.
With a growing audience of over 15,000 people in attendance, Helldorado Days offers a 4 day pro rodeo, a parade, carnival, treasure hunt for gold, whiskerino contest, golf tournament, poker tournament, art show and auction, trail ride, exhibits and food. For 4 days Downtown Las Vegas is transformed into Helldorado Days as the event takes over several vacant downtown blocks and builds a rodeo arena and carnival from the ground up. Helldorado Days is a non-profit community event.The members of Elks Lodge No. 1468 are committed to assisting children and veterans in need and have given back over $100,000 in the past 2 years and over $4 million to the community since 1935.

Las Vegas Helldorado Days, May 17-20, 2012. Downtown Las Vegas 2 blocks from the Fremont Street Experience. For tickets and information visit or call 702-870-1221

Many Thanks for Donation to the 'Pay It Forward Project'!

Sue & Topper


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