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Please read before you comment on the typo error!

Please read before you comment on the error! I feel that I should address the typo error that so many people have commented on and send me messages daily questioning my education, and ability to be the Admin. I am aware that there is a misspelling in Ceremonies. After 10 people join a cause you cannot make changes without deleting the cause and starting over , most people are willing to look past this error and join the cause. This cause is to save our Flag and keep GOD in our country, not about my education or spelling but let me say this I have 13 years of college was a trauma nurse for 30 years. WARNING WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY IS NOT PRETTY this site can only be seen by people over the age of 18 so you all are adults and can handle and understand what I'm about to print. I was shot, stabbed, beaten and my right hand was almost totally cut off so my right arm has NO feeling and only 2 fingers work. I have severe brain trauma, PTSD and was left in a burning trailer for dead from an unknown attacker. Typing is a problem for me. I apologize if this is an issue more important then the cause itself. But for me and the 500.000 + people that support this cause it has NOT been a problem. I would like to Thank all the people that have looked past this typo and have stepped up to support the cause and continue to fight to keep God and our Nation Symbol in this great Nation of the USA. Thank you Admin: Debra Robinson
To all who support this site I need your help on adding the like and share button. As you all know this is on a cause site and now on Facebook. God Bless all of you who care to keep this site going. I set a challenge to get to a million likes before July 4th 2012. Congratulations we have hit ( 4,773,111 ) likes and shares. It is truly an HONOR to have so many people support this GREAT NATION and all it stands for. God and the American Flag is here to stay! Thank You Admin. Debra Robinson


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